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Teach Yourself A Language course

Great job! You're destined for success! Just one final step and you can learn how to build a natural instinct for language.

Our groundbreaking new course contains:

  • 30 days of video lessons carefully designed to teach you how to create a language instinct and reach real fluency as fast as possible

  • Step-by-step structured assignments to sharpen the skills and habits you need to establish a truly effective learning routine

  • Extensive tool and media resource database put together by our coaches to ensure you spend your time learning the language, rather than hunting down the best resources.

  • Dedicated support from our experienced language coaches who will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the course to ensure you never get stuck again.

  • A community of like-minded learners to motivate you throughout your language journey and help you reach your goals.

Refold’s stress-free money-back guarantee

This course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, but I don’t stop there. I promise you, when you finish this course, you will have complete confidence about how to learn a language. You will understand what a balanced and complete language-learning routine looks like, which tools to use, and exactly which techniques will help you build a native-like instinct for your language.

If you aren’t completely satisfied that this course lived up to my promise, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. You can get a hassle-free refund just by sending our support team an email within 90 days. There are no strings attached, no hoops to jump through, and nothing to prove. Simply tell us that you would like a refund and our support team will issue your refund on the spot, no questions asked. I’m taking on ALL the risk because I’m that confident this course is the solution to your language-learning struggles.

~ Ethan Puzarne

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You will then receive a confirmation email and be automatically redirected to your brand-new video course. We have some videos set up to explain how the course works. Make sure to check them out before starting Day 1 of the course! If you have any questions, our coaches are eagerly waiting for you in the course community chatroom.

We hope you enjoy the course as much as all our other students!